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Michael L. Wentz has been a fan of science fiction his entire life and is the writer of several award-
winning short stories. His diverse background, from classical musician to corporate
executive, helps invigorate his writing. Rich with fantastic concepts, engaging visions, and compelling
characters, his stories satisfy the most avid science fiction fans, along with providing an entertaining
and accessible gateway for those new to the genre.

During the fall and winter of 2005-2006, Michael will be touring the country promoting Resurrection of
Liberty at book signings, conventions, and local book club meetings—to name a few. Check his
website at MichaelLWentz.com to find out when he is coming to your town. Don’t miss his talk The
Case for Science Fiction: Save the Planet, the Environment, and all humanity—Enjoy Science Fiction!

Visit his official website: www.MichaelLWentz.com
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 Michael L. Wentz - Author of Science Fiction
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