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Marcus Pelegrimas is the son of Sicilian immigrants who rose to power in the criminal underworld of the 1950’s. No wait…that was Michael Corleone.

Marcus Pelegrimas lives and works in Nebraska . Yes, he eats corn. No, he doesn’t live on a farm.

He graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and currently lives in Omaha , Nebraska where he has worked in several different genres of fiction including western, mystery, horror and fantasy. Nowadays, he plays too many video games and spends too much time watching crappy movies when he should be hard at work on his next novel. Good thing his beautiful and very patient wife Megan is there to knock him off the couch when the deadlines creep in.

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 Blood Blade12009n/a
 Howling Legion22009n/a
 Teeth of Beasts32010n/a
 Vampire Uprising42010n/a
 The Breaking52011n/a
 Extinction Agenda62011n/a
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