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Maki Minami was born in Saitama Prefecture in Japan. [2]

In 2000, her short story Day Dream Believer (デイ・ドリーム・ビリーバー?) received an Honourable Mention for Hakusensha's 25th Athena awards. She debuted in Hana to Yume's October 2001 issue with a short story titled Faraway Blue (彼方の青, Kanata no Ao?).[3]

Maki Minami's longest running series, Special A, began publication in 2003 and recently ended in 2009. Her current series, Seiyuu ka-! began serialization in Hana to Yume in 2009, after the completion of Special A. Her recent works also include the oneshot Ane☆Mone Seikaten (アネ☆モネ 生花店?), which appeared in the April 2009 edition of The Hana to Yume.

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Books (Sort by Title)[16 books listed]
 Special A VolumeYearRating
 S.A Vol. 112007n/a
 S.A, Vol. 222008n/a
 S.A, Vol. 332008n/a
 S. A. Vol. 442008n/a
 S.A, Vol. 552008n/a
 S.A, Vol. 662008n/a
 S.A, Vol. 772008n/a
 S.A, Vol. 882009n/a
 S.A, Vol. 992009n/a
 S.A, Vol. 10102009n/a
 S.A, Vol. 11112009n/a
 S.A, Vol. 12122009n/a
 S.A, Vol. 13132009n/a
 S.A, Vol. 14142010n/a
 S.A, Vol. 15152010n/a
 S.A, Vol. 16162010n/a
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