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Lisa Miscione's first novel, Angel Fire, debuted in February 2002 meeting with critical and popular success. It was hailed as "gripping and terrifying" by Publishers Weekly, and "a real winner", in a starred book review by the Library Journal. The female mystery author's second novel, The Darkness Gathers, which establishes a book series featuring true crime writer Lydia Strong and former FBI agent Jeffrey Mark, was released in April 2003. It is also receiving widespread acclaim. The third novel in her private detective series is slated for release in April 2004.

A graduate of the New School for Social Research in New York City, Miscione worked in the publishing business for many years, eventually becoming an associate director of publicity for Penguin Putnam. She left that position to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time writer. She is a member of the female mystery author organization known as Sisters In Crime as well as the Mystery Writers of America. Lisa Miscione currently lives in Florida with her husband.

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 The Darkness Gathers22003n/a
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