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Leo Frankowski was born on February 13, 1943 in Detroit. He wandered through seven schools getting to the seventh grade, and he's been wandering ever since. By the time he was forty-five, he had held more than a hundred different positions, ranging from "scientist" in an electro-optical research lab to gardener to airman to chief egineer to company president. Much of his work was in chemical and optical instrumentation and earned him a number of U.S. patents.
His writing has earned him nominations for a Hugo, the John. W. Campbell award, and a Nebula, but he didn't win anything.
He still owns Sterling Manufacturing and Design but got tired of design work several years ago and now spends much of his time writing and pursuing his various hobbies; i.e., reading, making mead, drinking mead, dancing girls, and cooking.
from new book jacket: "Currently a writer and consulting engineer, he lives with his new Russian wife and teenage daughter in Tver, Russia."

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