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English author of the best selling Jack Reacher thriller series. Now made into a film starring Tom Cruise.

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 A Jack Reacher Story VolumeYearRating
 Second Sonn/a2011n/a
 High Heatn/a20135/10
 Not a Drilln/a2014n/a
 Small Warsn/a2015n/a

 Jack Reacher VolumeYearRating
 Killing Floor120129/10
 Die Trying220128/10
 Running Blind420137/10
 Echo Burning520077/10
 Without Fail62008n/a
 The Enemy82009n/a
 One Shot92012n/a
 The Hard Way102009n/a
 Bad Luck and Trouble1120127/10
 Nothing to Lose122009n/a
 Gone Tomorrow132012n/a
 61 Hours142012n/a
 Worth Dying For152012n/a
 The Affair162012n/a
 A Wanted Man172012n/a
 Never Go Back182013n/a
 Make Me202015n/a
 Night School2120169/10
 Past Tense222018n/a
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