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Larraine Stacey began her writing career as a reporter writing a daily column, features and editorials. At the encouragement of friends, she started writing fiction. She has taught writing classes online and at a Denver college, has tutored reading at a local elementary school and mentored a talented 7th grader in writing. An avid science fiction fan for over 25 years, she loves travelling the country going to sci-fi cons. Her office is filled with sci-fi memorabilia and collectibles. She has presented workshops at numerous writers conferences, sf/f conventions, book festivals, libraries, and private venues. Inspired by the enthusiasm of kids, her favorite presentations are her author/school visits, which she does in two formats – stage presentations and writers workshops for kids. Laila & Tokar and The Chaos Scroll, book one of a young adult fantasy series, has been in the top ten at both Amazon and Fictionwise. Check Larraine’s website to read part of chapter one, a listing of appearances, reviews, etc. www.lstacey.com

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 Laila & Tokar and The Chaos Scroll120028/10
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