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Kirsten Beyer is the author of Star Trek:Voyage-- String Theory: Fusion, the APO novel Alias--Once Lost, and contributed the short story "Isabo's Shirt" to the Distant Shores Anthology. In 2006 Kirsten appeared at Hollywood's Unknown Theater in their productions of Johnson over Jordan, This Old Planet , and Harold Pinter's The Hothouse, which the L.A. Times called "unmissable." She also appeared in the Geffen Playhouse's world premiere of Quills and has been seen on General Hospital, Passions, and the indie feature Stomping Grounds. She has also been featured in several commercials.

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 Alias VolumeYearRating
 Once Lostn/a2006n/a

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer VolumeYearRating
 One Thing or Your Mothern/a2008n/a

 Star Trek Voyager VolumeYearRating
 Star Trek: Voyager: Protectorsn/a2014n/a

 Star Trek: Voyager VolumeYearRating
 Full Circlen/a2009n/a

 Star Trek: Voyager - Fusion VolumeYearRating
 String Theory22005n/a
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