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British SF writer Kenneth Bulmer, who published scores of books under at least 22 pseudonyms, died on Dec. 16 following an extended illness. He was 84.

Bulmer was one of science fiction's most prolific writers, having published 165 novels and many short stories. His best-known work is the Dray Prescott series, written as Alan Burt Akers, which comprised 52 novels, 15 of which were published only in German.

Bulmer was also active in U.K. science fiction fandom. He published the fanzines Star Pride, Parade, Juggernaut, Steam (with Pam Bulmer) and others and was president of British fandom's first amateur press association. In 1955 he was the first person selected by the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund to travel to North America.

In 1974 Bulmer was made a Life Member of the British Science Fiction Association.

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