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Ever since Karen Magill was a child, she has written. Perhaps she was destined to write since her paternal grandmother was a published author.

Karen began her writing career writing poetry – some of which have been published in books and magazines. In the late eighties, Karen produced, edited and primarily wrote a weekly newsletter on music entitled ‘Rock Raff’. During the two years the ‘Rock Raff’ ran, Karen interviewed musicians from garage bands to musical artists with platinum selling albums. She also reviewed shows and CDs.

In the year 2000, three weeks before her thirty fifth birthday, Karen was struck down by Multiple Sclerosis. Unable to continue working in her position with the Canadian government, she took a medical retirement. Instead of looking at this as a negative, Karen saw it as an opportunity to focus on her writing. ‘The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story’ is Karen Magill’s first published novella.

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