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K.G.Childs is a serving member of the British army. He joined at the age of 15 and now on reaching 30 has fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a published writer. He started writing at school and after a number of years experience in the army has once again picked up his pen to write The Fortress City under the pen name K.G.Childs in memory of both his Grandfathers.

The idea for The Fortress City came to him whilst he was serving in Iraq and on his return home settled down to write out his ideas with the enthusiastic support of his wife.

With main draft in hand and sole ambition of presenting a bound copy of the book to his Dad for Christmas he started searching for a publisher and using 'The Writers Handbook' he found himself an agent.

The Fortress City is K.G.Childs' first published story and with the adventures only just starting we can hope to see deeper into the mind and thoughts of this up and coming British Author.

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