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She has been writing since she was a child in the 1970s and her first novel, Silver Screen, was published in August 1999. Her short stories have appeared in various magazines in the UK and the USA.

Silver Screen was nominated for the Arthur C Clarke Award and the British Science Fiction Association Best Novel Award.

Her second novel, Mappa Mundi, has won the Amazon.co.uk Writer's Bursary 2000, and will be published in October 2001.

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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Silver Screenn/a20005/10
 Mappa Mundin/a20012/10
 Natural Historyn/a20035/10
 Living Next Door to the God of Loven/a2006n/a
 The Glorious Angelsn/a2015n/a

 Quantum Gravity VolumeYearRating
 Keeping It Real120066/10
 Selling Out220077/10
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