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A graduate of the US Naval Academy with a Foreign Affairs major, John G. Hemry's naval career was varied, beginning with surface ships, and then continuing to include intelligence, anti-terrorism work, tours with amphibious forces, and operational planning on the Navy staff. He retired during the post-Cold War drawdown, and has since been writing and looking after his children, two of whom are autistic. Many of the incidents and personalities in the Paul Sinclair series are derived from Hemry's own career, which contributes to the authentic feel of the novels.
He writes: "One of my goals is to make my work accessible to as many readers as possible, which is why the language is kept milder than in real life. Fewer and fewer people in the US have experienced life in the military, and I want them to understand how it feels (for better and for worse)."
He also writes fiction other than military, including time-travel,and humor, and is knowledgable about history.
He is currently working on a series entitled the Lost Fleet as well as a Young Adult series.

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 A Just Determination120037/10
 Burden of Proof220048/10
 Rule of Evidence320059/10
 Against All Enemies420068/10

 Stark VolumeYearRating
 Stark's War12000n/a
 Stark's Command22001n/a
 Stark's Crusade32002n/a

 The Lost Fleet VolumeYearRating
 Dauntless with Jack Campbell1200610/10
 Fearless with Jack Campbell2200710/10
 Courageous with Jack Campbell320078/10
 Valiant with Jack Campbell42008n/a
 Relentless with Jack Campbell5200910/10
 Victorious with Jack Campbell62010n/a
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