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Gwyneth Jones, writer and critic of science fiction and fantasy, was born in Manchester, England, studied at a local convent school and then at the University of Sussex, where she took an undergraduate degree in History of Ideas, speciang in seventeenth century Europe; a distant academic background that still resonates in her work. She's written
more than twenty novels for teenagers, mostly using the pseudonym Ann Halam, and several highly regarded science fiction novels for adults, notably the Aleutian Trilogy, 'White Queen' (co-winner of the James Tiptree Memorial Award); 'North Wind' and 'Phoenix Café'. Her short story collection ‘Seven Tales And A Fable’ won two World Fantasy Awards, and her critical writings and essays have appeared in Nature, New Scientist, Foundation, (the journal of the British Science Fiction Foundation), New York Review of Science Fiction, SFEye, Paradoxa, Solaris; and several online venues. After university, a few years in the civil service and some foreign travel, she spent two years in actual, gainful real world employment, writing tv cartoon scripts, (about three cute newshound robots and their cute robo-puppy). Since the late eighties, she's been writing fiction, (and occasionally teaching creative writing), full time.

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 Bold as Loven/a20014/10
 Castles Made of Sandn/a2002n/a
 Midnight Lampn/a2004n/a
 White Queen11992n/a
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