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Glenn Hauman is a man of many talents and many more job prospects. He was in e-publishing back when most folks thought that e-books would be delivered over floppy disks, and he decided finally to write one instead of publishing them. He was an editorial consultant to Simon & Schuster Interactive for many years, contributing to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, and many other Star Trek CD-ROMs (and a Farscape one, just to be different). His X-Men short stories "On The Air" (The Ultimate X-Men) and "Chasing Hairy" (X-Men Legends) were featured on the Sci-Fi Channel's Seeing Ear Theater.

He was dubbed "a Silicon Alley veteran" by Crain's New York back before most people knew what Silicon Alley was. He was a founder of Hell's Kitchen Systems, Inc., which was purchased by Red Hat Software in 2000 for $85.6 million. He was a founder of BiblioBytes, a pioneer electronic publishing site, and was called a "young Turk of publishing" in the New York Observer. He was also a founding board member of the World Wide Web Artists Consortium, the oldest organization of its kind in Silicon Alley, and was the former chair of their Netlaw special interest group. He has been a featured speaker at numerous industry trade shows, conventions, organization meetings, and the World Science Fiction Convention. And his current business, LotAuctions.com, is giving eBay a run for its money.

He's given up on his cunning plan to add extra hours to the day, and is now trying to add the hours to the week where there's more room. If he can pull that off, he promises to use the extra time to update his web page.

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