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Gary A. Braunbeck was born in the Year of the Rat and has been apologizing for it ever since. When he’s not out and about stopping strangers in the street and begging them to forgive him for his sins, he can usually be found holed up in his office writing stories and novels in any number of genres. His work has been nominated for the International Horror Guild Award (which it lost), as well as the Horror Writers’ Association Bram Stoker Award (which it has thus far lost twice). Gary is also a Creative Writing instructor with Seton Hill University, where he teaches in an innovative Master's degree program in Writing Popular Fiction. He doesn’t get invited to many parties, which everyone agrees is for the best.

Gary loves movies, books, and music.

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 Dark Matter VolumeYearRating
 In Hollow Housesn/a2000n/a

 Isaac Asimov's I-Bots VolumeYearRating
 Time Was with Steve Perryn/a1998n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 The Indifference of Heavenn/a2000n/a
 This Flesh Unknownn/a2001n/a
 In Silent Gravesn/a2004n/a
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