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A native of Louisiana, Faith spent her early years on the bayou and rivers, learning survival skills and the womanly arts. She liked horses, dogs, fishing and crabbing much better than girly skills. Still does. A love of history and ancient writings excite her even more, perhaps because she can trace her own family tree back to William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066, later to Sehoy III, an American Indian princess, and to the gens de couleur libre, the free men of color in New Orleans at the time of the War Between the States.

As a girl, she fell in love with fantasy and sifi, reading five books a week, and wishing she, "could write that great stuff." Teachers in high school convinced her she could, and she's been writing ever since, with a desire to see ultimate good fight and defeat ultimate evil, and humans as part of the battle.

Faith now shares her life with her Renaissance Man (Ren) and their dogs.

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