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Elizabeth Hall Boyer began planning her writing career during junior high school in her rural Idahol town. She read almost anything the Bookmobile brought and learned a great love for nature and wilderness. Science fiction in arge quantities led her to Tolkien's writings, which expired her to a great curiosity about Scandinavian folklore. Ms. Boyer is Scandinavian in descent and hopes to visit the land of her ancestors. She had a BA from Bringham Young University at Provo, Utah, in English literature.

After spending several years in the Rocky Mountain wilderness of central Utah, she and her husband lived in Utah's Oquirrh Mountains. They relocated to the outskirts of Atlanta Georgia and currently raises a menagerie of dogs and sheep for breeding purposes as well as making garden decor and home furnishings out of antique items, Ms. Boyer enjoys travel and visiting with her grown children. Ms. Boyer enjoys horseback riding, cross country skiing, and classical music.

This is my aunt- I grew up knowing her as "Aunt Betty" and reading her books and idolizing her, and looking back, even though she keeps a pretty low profile these days, her books will always be great entertainment.

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