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Drew Karpyshyn is a writer/designer for games company, Bioware, and is one of the lead writers on the Mass Effect videogame.

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 Forgotten Realms VolumeYearRating
 Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhalln/a20018/10

 Forgotten Realms: Cities Series VolumeYearRating
 Temple Hilln/a20018/10

 Mass Effect VolumeYearRating
 Mass Effect: Revelationn/a2007n/a
 Mass Effect: Ascensionn/a2008n/a
 Mass Effect: Retributionn/a2010n/a

 Star Wars: Darth Bane VolumeYearRating
 Path of Destruction: A Novel of the Old Republic120066/10
 Rule of Two2200710/10
 Dynasty of Evil320099/10

 Star Wars: The Old Republic VolumeYearRating

 The Old Republic VolumeYearRating
 Annihilation: Star Warsn/a2012n/a
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