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New Zealand born Debbie Renner’s love of science fiction developed at an early age thanks to TV series such as Star Trek and Lost in Space, and books like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Phantom Tollbooth and Alice in Wonderland.
Always wanting to try her hand at writing, it was not until she moved to Australia and lightening struck one evening in 2005. Odyssey Bourne Force began life as a two page hand scribbled essay, and then decided to grow arms, legs and a personality in the process. And that process is still developing.
Debbie (or Deb as she prefers) lives with husband, Sheldon (ironically named after one of her favorite authors, Sidney Sheldon) and daughter Becky, in Queensland Australia.
She plans to meet her readers’ demands and create sequels to O.B.F in the near future.
Odyssey Bourne Force is her first published novel.
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