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David B. Coe grew up in the suburbs just outside of New York City, the youngest of four children. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and then attended Stanford University as a graduate student. He received his Ph.D. in United States environmental history in 1993. He briefly considered pursuing a career as an academic, but wisely thought better of it.

David is now a freelance writer. In addition to writing fantasy, he also writes essays on natural history.

His wife, Nancy J. Berner, is a biology professor at the University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee. They have a daughter, Alex, who is three years old.

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 The Sorcerers' Plague12008n/a

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 Children of Amarid119979/10
 The Outlanders219988/10

 Winds of the Forelands VolumeYearRating
 Rules of Ascension120029/10
 Seeds of Betrayal220049/10
 Bonds of Vengeance320059/10
 Shapers of Darkness420058/10
 Weavers of War52008n/a
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