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Dana Nourie has been in the publishing industry since the late eighties. She has been published in national and regional publications, such as Family Circle, Women's Day, Fitness, Wild Outdoor World, Frontiers, Cricket, Children's Digest, Discovery Online, and others.

Her stories and articles focus on a variety of topics, including science, parenting, psychology, technology, and fantasy. She currently also writes for Sun Microsystems.

Arlyn and the Purloin Bane (Book 1) is her first novel. Arlyn and The Sisters of Athena (Book 2) will be published in June 2008.

In addition to writing, Dana enjoys scuba diving, hiking, photography, amateur astronomy, science fiction and fantasy movies, and books.

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 Arlyn and the Purloin Bane VolumeYearRating
 Arlyn and the Purloin Bane120065/10
 The Sisters of Athena22008n/a
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