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Barb & JC Hendee live just outside of Boulder, Colorado, close to the Rocky Mountains. Both are online college instructors in English; JC teaches for Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Barb teaches for the University of Colorado at Denver. Barb’s short fiction has appeared in numerous genre magazines and anthologies. She is the author of the novel Blood Memories. JC’s poetry, non-fiction, and short fiction have also appeared in many genre magazines. Although they have worked together as a writing team before, Dhampir and its sequels (Thief of Lives, 2004; Sister of the Dead, 2004; plus two more to come) are their first novel-length collaborations.

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 A Novel of the Noble Dead VolumeYearRating
 Dhampir with JC Hendee120039/10
 Thief of Lives with JC Hendee220049/10
 Sister Of The Dead with JC Hendee320057/10
 Traitor to the Blood with JC Hendee4200610/10
 Rebel Fay with JC Hendee52007n/a
 Child of a Dead God with JC Hendee62008n/a

 n/a VolumeYearRating
 Blood Memoriesn/a19998/10
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