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Ari Marmell has been writing more or less constantly for the past ten years, though he’s only been paid for it for the past three. (Whether that makes him determined or simply pigheaded is a matter of perspective.) He is the author of multiple roleplaying game supplements, for both the World of Darkness and everyone’s favorite fantasy game system. He likes both games very much, and doesn’t care that you don’t. Vampire: Gehenna, The Final Night is his first novel.

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Books (Sort by Title)[5 books listed]
 Dark Ages VolumeYearRating
 Spoils of Warn/a2003n/a

 Magic: The Gathering - Planeswalker VolumeYearRating
 Agents of Artificen/a20098/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 The Conqueror's Shadown/a2010n/a
 The Warlord's Legacyn/a2011n/a

 Vampire: The Maskerade VolumeYearRating
 Vampire Gehennan/a2004n/a
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