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ANGELINA ROBINSON … “Angel” to some, visionary to others. With an iron will, an uncanny intuition and charisma which knows no bounds, she seeks to bring her hauntingly beautiful visions of life, love, death and the pursuit of wisdom into everyday existence. Yet one thing has always remained, no matter what challenges were laid before her a “never say die” attitude and a taste for the mysterious darker side of reality have always been part of her life. With her mother being a talented writer and vocalist, her grandfather giving her Stephen King novels to read and Saturday afternoons watching horror matinees with her father, one could say she’s striving to follow in the family’s footsteps. Along with dancing, singing and a lust for knowledge that knows know bonds. She also possesses a quick wit and a knack for seducing the darkest passions one can possess. Not just as a vocalist or dancer, but in being a writer and storyteller as well. In 1998, the Poetry Guild published one of her pieces, “The Forgotten City,” in their compilation entitled Beneath the Winter Sky. The same company nominated her for Poet of the Year in 1999. Not only has she lavished the poetic community with her haunting, if not enticing visions, she has recently completed her first book in a series of five. The screenplay counterpart is about to be born.

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