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A fan of science fiction since the time he could read, Adam Connell devoured all things genre and
promptly became the oddest kid in his class. He began writing science fiction at age fifteen, and
since his graduation from college in 1995 he has written six novels—the first three have been
completely destroyed to save him from future embarrassment.

Connell graduated from New York University with a degree in English and went on to a job in
finance. This unusual career path was the result of happy accident, good fortune, and desperation.
Throughout his seven years in finance, Connell was never completely happy. In 2002 he was
contemplating a career change when his company made the decision for him. Connell was laid off
with about 200 other employees.

After his “separation” from the finance industry, Connell hunted for work in the publishing field.
During a phone interview with Sandra Schulberg, publisher of Phobos Books, Connell mentioned
his passion for novel writing. Ms. Schulberg arranged for a second interview to be held in her
office, and invited Connell to bring along two of his best manuscripts.

Instead of a job, Connell got two book contracts. The first contract was for Counterfeit Kings. His
next novel, Cold Tonnage, will be published by Phobos Books in the spring of 2005. He lives in
New York City.

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