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Amelia writes novels about Yound Adult fiction, mostly involving vampires, witches (not Wiccans!) and shapeshifters. She wrote her first published book when she was only thirteen. She is working on several novels and has many more finished on her shelves, waiting to be considered for publication. After that novel, we leave behind the vampires, and set off into one of the most important times in Nyeusigrube (aside from Midnight's fall!) and meet with Danica Shardae and Zane Cobriana- fueding leaders of the avian and serpiente elavie (shapeshifters.) Can they put aside their differences and help their people live in peace, or is it as futile as the warring itself, which has been going on for so long that not even the oldest and wisest know how it was started...

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 Demon in My Viewn/a20008/10
 In the Forests of the Nightn/a19998/10
 Midnight Predatorn/a20027/10
 Persistence of Memoryn/a2009n/a
 Shattered Mirrorn/a20018/10
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